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Healthy Living Services (HLS)

Healthy Living Services Limited (HLS) is a Health Enhancement Company, Fitness Centre, Personal Development Centre and a Training Center for Integrative medicine, which was established in 1991 for the sole purpose of providing Health and Wellness Services/Products, including: Health Programs, Body Analysis, Halo Biophotonic Therapy, Management Seminars, Counseling…

We Provide

Health Programs

HLS Health program service is enlightenment and treatment based programs tailored to achieve a particular objective. They are available to the general public as well as an organized participants or individuals....Read More

Body Analysis

Our Body Analysis service tend to focus on the amount of weight that we want to gain or lose based on different clients’ body composition. Body Composition is the sum total of the amount of fat, bone, water, and muscle in the body....Read More

Halo Biophotonic Therapy

Our Halo biophotonic therapy service is a pain management branch of treatment.The therapeutic benefits of our Halo biophotonic therapy also called light therapy, have been known since the early 1900s when Dr. Niels Finsen, a Dan....Read More

Management Seminars

Our Management Seminar is a learning program that involves the understanding of healthcare management or the oversight of getting things done using human, financial and material resources so that the goal of improving the health of an ....Read More


Our Counseling Service is aimed at challenging and motivating individuals to change their behaviors and set realistic goals. This service relates to mental health care and the pervasive, damaging effects of untreated mental ...Read More


HLS is a wellness consultant with seasoned academics, practitioners, and specialists that have the ability and capability to solve all wellness challenges, thus help improve consultee’s wellness programs ...Read More


Any deficiency in the level of essential nutrients in our body can result gradual or acute health break down. That is why we have sourced and made available most effective, yet organic nutritional supplements for fast and effective result. ...Read More

Halo Therapy Systems

Halo therapy devices used for Biophotonic /Light therapy are modern light generating systems that could pick up the vibrational harmonics of botanical extracts contained in clear glass vials, and carry that vibration to the body. ...Read More

We are your Number One Nutrition Specialist

We Also Manage Stress and Provide Special Techniques And Guidelines For Our Clients’ Personal Development


Through constant and never ending improvement in all areas of your life which includes attaining physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.




For stress management, mental and emotional management, power breathing, positive affirmations and progressive muscular relaxation.


for a healthier life

By exposing you to wellness and health related researches on certain  fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements including common processed foods to avoid, in order to live a healthy, safe and longer life.

Are you looking for result?


We don’t just practice medicine; we practice Integrative Medicine by combining conventional and alternative approaches in providing healthcare with the active involvement of our patients in the process.

You Can Choose A Bronze Gold Platinum Plan

Our wellness Program accommodates your budget or desired goal.

Our Clients' Testimony

Senator Ben Obi PDP Chieftain

Without Health, life will be short. This is why I take my health very serious. Ever since I came in contact with Healthy Living Service (HLS), I have become more “conscientized” about my health and wellness.

Hajia Lami Tumaka Strategic Communicator

Being a seasoned communicator, a mother and a wife can take a toll on my health sometimes. Contacting HLS has helped me to create a balanced health by patronizing their amazing services.

Dr Raymond Dokpesi Media Entrepreneur and Chairman of AIT

I have remained strong and revitalized, thanks to HLS. HLs have different wellness and health packages that cuts across board and financial capacity. I recommend HLS to everyone that wants more from life.

Dr Alex Otti Member of the Editorial Board of ThisDay Newspaper

I writer’s job is significant but what makes that possible is the state of our mind vis-à-vis the health of one’s body. With HLS as my wellness Consultant, I am guaranteed a sound mind and a healthier body.

Fymak Group Marine and Oil Servicing Company

As an organization we take pride in our stall strength and efficiency. Having HLS as our corporate wellness manager and consultant has helped to bring a lot of closure and increased vigor in what we do.

Amcon Asset Management Company of Nigeria

We have benefited immensely in HLS training programs and seminars. Our staff and management board have attested to the resourcefulness of their health services and possible treatment of individual cases.